Where to in Lombok

Happy New Year everyone.

Instead of doing a reflection or new year's resolution, I decided to do something different this year. People are asking me about my trip to Lombok last October and I thought it would be nice to share here in my blog together with the itinerary. This is a rather different trip as it's a trip with the Instagrammers which means the main purpose of this trip is taking lots of photos.

I must say that this is a trip out of my comfort zone as an introvert - travelling with friends I'm not too close with that involves staying overnight (not just for a night but few). Yes it's not the first time I traveled with them but the previous trips I have my sister with me. So here goes an 'adventurous' trip for me...  
John (IG: @thrumyiphone) picked us to KLIA2 in the morning. We carpooled and parked at the airport as the cost is cheaper after we divide into 3. Our parking cost came up to RM150 for 4days, 3 nights.

We a…

Sasaran Beach - Things you need to know

Sasaran beach has created quite a buzz when people started sharing about this place where you can get the best reflection photo of the sky. The place is called 天空之镜 in Chinese or which means mirror of the sky. Some called it Malaysia's version of Salar de Uyuni, a popular salt flat in Bolivia. You don't get salt there but sand & water.

Where is it?
Sasaran is actually a place in the middle of the sea and it only appears when the tide is low. So, it's not really a beach beach. It's situated between Kuala Selangor & Klang. To go there, you need to go to Kuala Selangor (almost reaching Sekinchan).

GPS N03°15.695' E101°18.659'

When can you go?
You can't just go anytime you like. Within a month there's only 5-10 specific days that you can go because you need to wait for the tide to be low enough before the 'beach' appears.

The best reference is the Lunar Calendar, it's 2 days before & after 初一 or 十五. For the Muslim buddies, you can ref…

Himalaya Shampoo Review

I went on a business trip to India last year. Guess what I did. You will never guess it right...

I got my Indian colleague to help me buy Himalaya shampoos. I kid you not as it's almost RM10 cheaper over there than in Malaysia for the small bottle. Why is it cheaper in India? That's because India is the country of origin for Himalaya.

Why didn't I go buy it myself? Because I got no time lor... I was stuck in meetings and by the time we finished dinner, it was close to 9pm and as a solo female traveler, I don't think it's safe for me to go out so late.

So why Himalaya?

My sister and I both have hair fall problem. She is now a 100% Himalaya user as it has proven result for her. Her hair fall condition has improved tremendously.

Whereas for me, I'm still exploring different shampoos maybe because I'm still blogging and open to explore different products. Most importantly I have lesser brand loyalty. Or maybe you should say that I'm loyal to a few brands wit…

My skin recovery journey with Eau Thermale Avène

For someone with sensitive skin, I consider myself lucky as I don’t have pimple/acne issues. So when I had pimple outbreak back in December, I thought that is was just because of PMS or age is catching up. I was completely wrong when I started spotting red patches on my face. Went to the doctor and it was identified as an allergic reaction (not sure to what) and had a steroid jab. Immediately everything subsided except for 1 pimple on my forehead (right smack in between my brows). I usually don’t do much when I had pimples as they go away on their own but this round, I was completely wrong…

It continues growing to a huge one and this photo was taken  when I was still ignorance of the ‘pimple’
I went to the doctor and he said that I had a bacterial infection most likely the ‘staph infections’ and it was not a pimple. He said that it could be due to the previous allergic reaction and the bacteria had infected one of the rashes. He helped to remove the pus which is so thick and icky that…